Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dark City Underground Revealed

Dark City Underground is a new blog from an old idea. It is the creation of a four year experiment with a blog titled Gravetapping. Gravetapping was originally meant to be a blog about all things horror, but it quickly evolved, or devolved depending on your perspective, into something much more broad and undefined. It featured reviews and articles about books and movies from multiple categories, including Western, horror, suspense, crime, adventure, science fiction and mystery.

In short, Gravetapping became more than it was envisioned to be, and its name never quite fit its content. Dark City Underground is the solution to the problem. It is, hopefully, going to be Gravetapping 2.0. A place for books, for readers, for writers, and for anyone who enjoys the thrill of literary (and more) discovery. It will feature the same eclectic content that was Gravetapping, but it will do it with a more relevant and broadly defined name.

I hope that you will join me here at Dark City Underground where we can discuss all things fantastic, from books and literature to films and television. 

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