Saturday, July 31, 2010

MASTERSON by Richard S. Wheeler

I don't have a Kindle, or any kind of ebook reader, but with the growing list of older novels reappearing on Amazon it probably won't be too long until I buy one. The latest that made me wish for a Kindle is an older Western (not really that old, but it is out-of-print) written by Richard S. Wheeler and titled Masterson. It features an aging Bat Masterson in the early Twentieth century. The Publisher's Weekly review is terrific. It, in part reads: "This is classic Wheeler, a solid story about real people told with wit, compassion and a bit of whimsy."

No one writes the biographical novel quite like Richard Wheeler. If you have a Kindle, or the free download of its reader for the PC or Mac, you might want to try this one. It's $3.99 and worth every penny. 

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