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Review: "Lion & Lamb" by James Patterson and Duane Swierczynski

      Lion & Lamb , the latest collaboration between James Patterson and Duane Swierczynski, is a fun and light-hearted mystery set in the City of Brotherly Love. When the Eagles all-star quarterback, Archie Hughes, is murdered days before the NFC Championship game the entire city swoons in despair. Archie is city royalty – not to mention the Eagles’ only chance at winning a Super Bowl – and his wife, Francine Pearl Hughes, is a worldwide pop-star, a beloved Philadelphia native and the prime suspect for the murder.      The District Attorney’s office, to provide cover for the high-profile case, hires the city’s best private eye: Veena Lion. Not to be outdone, Francine’s attorneys hire the city’s other best private eye, Connor Lamb. In short order, Lion and Lamb – against Lion’s better judgment – team up (sort of) to “find the truth” about Archie’s murder. What they uncover marks them as targets by Philadelphia’s – Atlantic City’s, too – entire criminal class.       Lion & Lamb

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