Big Ideas: John D. MacDonald


Please not yet. Those are the three eternal words. Please not yet.

            [John D. MacDonald]

                                                                           from his 1965 novel, A Deadly Shade of Gold


  1. Every day I say the same thing: let me finish my trilogy first, so there's something of me left behind. Otherwise I will be invisible again.

    1. Invisible is a bad place to be. What is your trilogy about? How close to finishing are you?

    2. I do something you're not supposed to do (which makes marketing difficult): I write mainstream fiction - but indie. The first volume, Pride's Children: PURGATORY, was named Indies Today 2021 Best Contemporary novel; the second, NETHERWORLD, will be published as soon as I get all the ducklings in the same row. JDM - in the form of all the Travis McGee novels - has been one of my writing mentors, and an interesting way to learn how certain men think. Huge debt there.

      The third volume, LIMBO, should take the better part of the next five years.

      Pride's Children has a disabled main character (of the three), a reclusive former physician who finds out to her surprise she's not dead yet.

      Set in the worldwide intersection between the world of film and the world of writers, it asks who gets to decide and why does it matter?

      Thanks for asking. PURGATORY has 51 reviews on Amazon - more elsewhere - most of them good (I especially love the long ones from older men).

      I tell readers to check out the online Look Inside! and reviews, and then to ask me for an electronic ARC if they think they might CONSIDER writing a review (I don't nag).


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