Summertime & Those "East Coast frolics"

It’s summer here in the Northern hemisphere, and where there is summer, there always seems (ironically, since there are more hours of light) to be less time in the day. With that in mind, Dark City Underground is going to adjust to summer hours for the months of July and August. We will still have the Sunday Big Ideas post and at least one other post – a book review on Thursdays or what I think of as the “big post” on Mondays – each week. So come back often but be patient as we bounce our way through the hot months of 2022. As an example of what’s coming this week, on Thursday (July 7), a review of the newly released The Lemon Man, by Keith Bruton, will magically appear.
      And, we may have a new piece of artwork – much like this cool travel poster from England above – every so often.
      Have a great summer!


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