"Prisoners and Other Stories" by Ed Gorman

I’m a sucker for old genre magazines (fiction and non-fiction alike) and one of my favorites is the horror rag, Cemetery Dance. While perusing the Spring 1992 issue, which includes stories by Gary A. Braunbeck, Norman Partridge, and Brian Hodge, and an interview with Richard Matheson and his son, Richard Christian Matheson, I saw an advertisement for CD’s first ever book publication, Prisoners and Other Stories, by Ed Gorman. It’s a book I have in my personal stacks and highly recommend. Ed, who died all the way back in October 2016, was one of the best writers of genre short stories of his (or any) generation.
      And this ad…absolutely perfect. Ed is looking as happy as you’ll ever see him in a publicity photo against a dark background. The blurbs, one comparing his mystery novel, Night Kills, with The Silence of the Lambs, and another from Dean Koontz. Perfect, I tell ya
. Interestingly, Ed’s 1999 novel, The Poker Club, was CD’s first publication of an original novel.
      I played with the coloring a little to get the text clearer, which explains why it’s a little green.


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